Thursday, May 8, 2008


Haven't had time to post lately. Too busy with work and fun and every other damn thing....
Brief Recap of Recent Events:

Raced the bike leg of the Peaks to Prarie Triathlon.
Super fun. Basically a long slightly downhill time trial.

Rode mtn bikes out in Three Forks with Ciaran and Mike H. Went 38 MPH on the downhill singletrack at one point. Sweet!

Raced my first Tuesday Night Training Series road bike race and got killed.
Ouch. Old men and fast women passed me. Raced from near town to up past Bridger Bowl. Cool to race with a group, or at least for the 20 minutes I stuck with the pack.

Going to race this weekend near Great Falls at the Belt Creek Omnium.
Probably gonna get killed again.

L train