Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas in Montana

Christmas Eve I got up and went right up to Bridger to go snowboarding with Stephanie. I left at 11 to go get Arlo at the airport here in Bozeman. We ended up at a local watering hole and had some celebratory beverages with Steph. Back at my house for dinner: I made Panang Curry Pork Roast with vegetables and rice. Arlo went to bed at 730 pm! He apparently was tired. We woke up on Christmas and got right into the present opening. I got a hockey stick and a nice graphic design book from Steph, I gave Arlo a Robert E Howard Conan book, and I gave Steph and nice picture of the two of us, and a super sweet pair of goggles for snowboarding. Arlo gave me some computer accessories for my recently purchased MacBook.

After breakfast we headed right up to the mountain to go snowboarding. We spent the day cruising around Bridger and had some good runs over on the new Slushmans lift. After we were tired from shredding the gnar we headed back to town. Dinner that night was at Steph's great uncle's place in town, with their kids, us and her other relative Buddy. It was a full on holiday feast with turkey, all the fixins, and much laughter with her boisterous family! We had a really great time and a really great meal.

When we left their house we went out to the car and found a good 3-4 inches of snow with more falling pretty heavily. It was a good sign for the next day's riding.

Waking up on Friday we found nearly a foot of snow outside! Woohoo! We got rolling real early and made it to the mountain at about 930. A really fun day of riding was had in the foot of fresh on top of 5 or 6 inches from the previous few days. Arlo claimed it was the best day ever! We rode all over the mountain and had a great time!

The video below is a from the past few days of riding. Not the best quality but you can get a good idea of the fun time we had.