Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Rode Truman Gulch tonight with a few friends. one hour up and only 2.14 miles. only 15 minutes down though. it's pretty steep towards the top. but the lower half is totally sweet at speed, like 3 or 4 feet wide buff trail with some fun rocks and roots and rollers. you can haul ass. i forgot my bike shorts so i rocked my jeans....didn't seem to matter, especially with all the pushing at the top.

Monday, September 10, 2007


So I went to Missoula with Team Muleterro and raced downhill in the Jedzilla! I got third in sport class. It was pretty fun, but the course was a bit much for my bike. I had major issues with my fork compression/preload adjustment. This weekend I bit the bullet again and put money down on a road bike. I just want to ride, man! Plus the Muleteers convinced me I would have a good time riding some events and training with them. I guess it's better to spend money on stuff that makes me more healthy than not, but I still feel kind of silly buying two new bikes in one summer! It's okay because I will get to pedal more this fall, as i can still hit the road once the snow starts to stick up in the mountains.
This weekend I am going with the Muleteers to Red Lodge for another race. They all do XC and I will do the downhill again.