Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bangtail Divide

Last Sunday I went and rode the Bangtail Divide trail on my mountain bike. 33miles total, with around 25 on singletrack and trail. Badass! It took me 4.5 hours and involved 4600 feet of climbing.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crazy Ride back in June

Moto Adventure

On Sunday back in June, my buddy Paul and I fired up the KLR 650's and heading for the mountains again. It was a clear sunny day with a few high clouds, but everything was green and lush and it was truly springtime in the Rockies. Up Corbly Gulch we went, up up up on a big wide trail. All of a sudden we were going up a really steep narrow trail, with no turning back! Big rocks and steepness conspired to throw my moto down on top of my leg. Paul was ahead of me and came down to find me dazed sitting next to my bike.

He had fallen off as well higher up. We got me back on my moto and headed down. Going down a steep trail with ruts and rocks on a KLR that can't stop is repeatedly the scariest thing I ever do. You are skidding, and accelerating, and trying to steer and avoid trees, rocks, etc. I hate it. We made it down okay and despite being pretty banged up, decided to go ride Flathead Pass! That was easier than Corbly's top section, but also really knobby trail. We encountered snow at the top.

On the way out the East side I came upon what I thought was a log in the road until I got closer and saw that it was metal. Paul came back from up ahead wondering where his muffler was! Quick ranch repair and off home we went.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunday Ride, Montana Style

On Sunday my fellow KLR owner Paul and myself took an afternoon ride. First stop: Ross Pass in the Bridger Range. A pretty knobby doubletrack ending in a real steep section brought us there without incedent. After taking in the view, we came back down and decided to head to Livingston via Brackett Creek Road, which is a great dirt road, wide and smooth through a lush green farming valley. In Livingston we stopped for refreshment at the Slack Knuckle, which included IPA's, nachos and a pork sandwich. Then back over the pass on the frontage road to home.