Big Sky Adventure Ride Series

Here are some rides I want to try and do. This is my version of the Grasshopper Adventure Series in CA. Endurance dirt road riding. Gravel grinder? I hate that term. We have dirt here, not gravel. It's the koolest way to ride these days. It's a work in progress. I have been on most parts of most of these routes on a bike or a moto at some point, but still need to scout some of them again on the moto to figure out distances and water supply points. You can use a mtn bike with small tires or a road bike with big tires or a cyclocross bike with cross tires. 3 water bottles most likely, and all your food will be typically be carried.

Come along for the ride!

If it's bad rain forecast, these will be rescheduled. There are portions of these routes that have "The Bad Mud" on them. We are not doing the Tour Divide here, and I don't need to deal with that.

Big Timber Loop 
Sunday June 23, 2013
80ish miles leaving from Livingston and heading through the West Boulder and up to Big Timber for resupply. Then return along the Yellowstone River to recovery pizza and beer at the Murray Bar in Livingston. 60/40 dirt/pave ratio. Only 3300ft of climbing all in the beginning. Significant wind makes or breaks this ride. (Usually breaks it.) All day ride: 6+ hours.

Pony Express
Sunday July 7, 2013
Need to start early. Like 8am. Around the Tobacco Roots on mostly dirt roads. Pony to Alder to Twin  Bridges. Resupply here. Then back up the Jefferson River:
Option A: near Waterloo go right,  up and over the Tobacco Roots to the South Boulder then Pony. Includes singletrack trail and a big climb. Whee!
Option B: ride north to Cardwell, get a beer and a donut at the store, and then head up the South Boulder to Carmichael rd. to Pony. Stays flatter. Little bit of pave.

 Significant climbs. I think it is 80-100 miles. 90/10 dirt/pave. This will take all day. 8+ hours.

Morganzo 55
Saturday August 10, 2013
North of Bozeman/Belgrade, all dirt road. Starts at Dry Creek/Thiesen Rd? No services except for water at the Pass Creek School. Bring snacks. 3,800ft of climbing. 100% dirt.

Ruby Ramble? Gravelly Grinder? VC 75??
Sat. Aug 24, 2013
This is the crown jewel. This ride is gonna be unreal! Leave out of Virginia City up and down to Varney Bridge. Then a big climb up up up the Gravelly Range Road. Ride south on top of the world with incredible views of the Madison, Ruby, and Centennial mountains. Drop down into the Ruby drainage and back past the resevoir. Take a right: Up and over again to Nevada City. Few miles on pave back up to the start at VC. This has major climbing. And I haven't figured out the water supply points yet. Carry all your food for sure. 80ish miles. 95% dirt. All day for sure.

Bozeman Pass
Start in Livingston. Out Willow Creek up and down Jackson Creek and into Bozeman. Fuel up. Then out Bear Canyon, over to Trail Creek rd, and over to Paradise Valley and back up to Livingston. 80ish miles. 60/40 dirt pave? Murray Bar recovery pizzas.

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montanadano said...

Looks like a bunch of fun! Since i am banned from single track this summer because of my knee these rides will be just what i need. what bike are you rolling for this?