Saturday, February 28, 2009!

So I have changed my site name to
I just got the domain name, and I am going to try and make this blog a little more focused and see what happens. The new address will be
The old address will work too, so for the 3 people that have my blog bookmarked, you won't have to update it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today's Wisdom From ADVrider

I love! Best most entertaining dual sport dirt related moto site there is....
Here is a choice bit I found today in a lively discussion thread:

Q from CodyY:

"Since when is a 300lb (motor)bike with 25hp and flexy suspension that was out of date since the Regan administration considered good?"

A from Kommando:

"Since looking for a dualsport, and not an enduro/dirtbike.

Since climbing off a 500-800lb bike to ride more offroad.

Since climbing off a 250lb bike to ride more onroad.

Since the DL1000, 1200GS, and other such behemoths have been called "dualsports".

Since none of the bikes you mentioned above are limited to 25HP.

Since 25HP will haul a 200lb rider on a 300lb bike at a legal speedlimit just fine.

Since climbing off a bike with NO suspension, or since climbing off a bike with 12" of kidney-pounding MX suspension.

Since wanting to carry a passenger on some rides.

Since riding for fun instead of a time or a stunt score.

Since wanting to ride across continents, even in remote areas.

Since you asked about "good", and not "outstanding" or "excellent".

Since...Who the hell is "Regan"?"

original thread here

My favorite part is this one:
Since the DL1000, 1200GS, and other such behemoths have been called "dualsports".

Hahahaha! What an awesome line! Just go watch The Great Escape and the soul of motorcycling will be revealed to all...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday was Good!

Sunny, 50 degrees,

2 hours on mtn bike exploring local dirt,
came home, ate lunch, and then:

2 hours on motorcycle exploring other local dirt!

Ahhhhhhhh, so good!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Where Did Winter Go?

Since there hasn't been a major snowstorm here in Bozeman since early January, I am itching to ride motorcycles! Dualsport motorcycling in Southwest Montana is maybe the best thing ever invented! I managed to get out yesterday for a sunset cruise of about 25 miles in 36 degree weather and it was wonderful! I finally bought a windproof fleece neckwarmer and it made all the difference. On the ride I also ticked over 18,000 miles on the KLR650's odometer! Thats after about 4 seasons of riding. 4500 miles per year. Mostly just commuting and then some 200-300 mile weekend missions. Sunny and 40 is the forecast for the weekend so I may get in some more riding....